Going with the flow

This week I have been mummy hog to the four hoglets, who I have now named John, Paul, Ringo and Georgina, the Fab Four! Three boys and a girl! I had them for four days and nights and did feel the pressure. Hedgehogs are now endangered animals, and these are so tiny and young, so it’s a huge responsibility, and…


Bursting into life

A squab. Life is becoming hectic at the rescue, the first of the orphans are beginning to arrive, and currently we have several pigeon chicks needing hand feeding…I just love these ugly ducklings! You should SEE how much they eat in one sitting! There are several blackbird chicks on syringe feeds every twenty minutes…. along with our first batch of…


Vesuvius, a shadow and a threat

How beautiful Vesuvius looks while sleeping, yet beneath that calm exterior lurks a brooding cocktail of gas and molten rock that could blow at any moment… Private home I found Pompeii utterly compelling. To think the town still stands, three thousand years after being bombarded by rock, gas and ash. I don’t think anything we build today could survive such…

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