A deliriously happy cat and other shenanigans

After the week we recently spent in Bath I swore, SWORE on my mothers’ thimble that I would never go back to that apartment…..the one on the top of that horribly steep hill…..but after receiving this email from our lovely landlady Liz, I had a change of heart and booked another week, next summer….WHAT have I done?????? And WHY did…


Angels and Demons

Our week in Bath was mostly enjoyable. The dogs absolutely loved their city break, and of course, as it is a city of culture, bandanna’s were worn and they were on their best behaviour, apart from the occasional sneaky wrestle. At times they almost looked refined! The apartment we stayed at was at the top of a VERY steep hill.…


Simple pleasures

 I was surprised to see honey bees, flies and ladybirds all over the fatsia flowers, it is nearly December is it not? It takes a while to adapt to these long dark nights, but in a way I’m rather grateful for them as I now spend a few hours each evening sorting cupboards and generally trying to get the house…

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