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A new identity?

We have been having an out and out heatwave over the last week, and although it’s wonderful I’m simply not used to it. Brazilica came to town and for the life of me I don’t know how the girls danced in such heat….you’ve got to tip a hat to them! Right in my face she was!!!! There has been a
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The 1940′s housewife

Well, it’s all about the good life this week. Elaine¬†expressed her horror¬†surprise on my last post as I told her I had never made jam. That was past tense! Due to my glut of plums I have now made POTS of the stuff, and I must say I was shocked to see how much sugar goes into it, so I
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Small stones can cause avalanches

I must be the only person who enjoys an un-mown lawn…. For the last month I have been face-painting each Sunday at the bull breed events in parks across Liverpool A view of half the courtyard from upstairs, it runs right and left from this bit… As most of you know the aim is to neuter and micro-chip bull breed
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Summer days flying by…….

The days are long and warm and are passing by far too quickly for my liking. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. The garden is growing madly now and I could quite easily spend my entire days gardening. The greenhouse is full of tomatoes along with peppers, chilies, courgettes, squash and melons. To
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The good, the bad and the ugly….

Yesterday a baby hedgehog came into the rescue, it was only about two weeks old and still had it’s eyes closed. Now, occasionally a mother hedgehog will give birth to one giant hoglet and this was such a creature. It needed feeding every three hours so it was coming home with me and I was to keep it until it
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Not quite having the heart to…..

…… tell hubs that the turkey feathers in his precious hat are at a ….erm….rather jaunty angle, or, are showing the wrong side. Even Annie is laughing! And I didn’t quite have the heart to disturb this wood pigeon that I found flopping face down on my lawn, I needed to know if it could feed itself so I watched
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Sunshine and showers

Well, when I say showers I mean torrential rain! Just look through my kitchen window… minute the sun is cracking the flags, the next the rain is hammering down…. Apart from being beaten to within an inch of their lives, the plants seem rather happy with the weather. This peony simply closes in the rain, which I’m pleased about, for
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Strange murmurings, feathers in a hat and other bits and bobs

Last week drastic measures were taken to finally rid a hedgehog of ringworm. Despite daily treatment this hog still has ringworm around his ruff, so now it has been decreed that the only way to cure him is to bathe him in a formula twice a week. I’ve never bathed a hog before, so this was a first for me.
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Running around town and plastic crows.

Each year Liverpool hosts a City of Light Night, and this is the second time I’ve been. Events are put on across the city and many are held at the same time so you have to pick where you’re going carefully. Our tour started in the Bluecoat Chambers….a lovely arty little place. I must say that overall the installations were
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And still they come…

At the moment we have over forty ducklings at the rescue, fortunately none are on their own as they don’t do well without their siblings. Deals are being struck daily. Calls pour in regarding even more ducklings and as space is at a premium we suggest other bird rescues who sometimes take them in, only to send us another chick
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