Life’s ups and downs

It was turning out to be a rather lovely week; I released another three birds who all went off beautifully… along with three hogs, one chap, and another Mr and Mrs. I found the perfect habitats for them…. and although Special Pige is still around and is still being regularly fed, is now at least beginning to peer at the…


A hodge podge post

This last week has passed by in a bit of a blurr… We had our open day at the rescue and made a princely sum despite the fact it poured down. I was face-painting but had a secret weapon this time….. my mother-in-law hand knitted these FABULOUS hedgehogs and they sold out within the hour, I even kept one for…


Going with the flow

This week I have been mummy hog to the four hoglets, who I have now named John, Paul, Ringo and Georgina, the Fab Four! Three boys and a girl! I had them for four days and nights and did feel the pressure. Hedgehogs are now endangered animals, and these are so tiny and young, so it’s a huge responsibility, and…

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