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News from Nowhere

This week I found myself in the oddest little place ever! The basement of a radical bookshop called, “News from Nowhere.” Now isn’t that a rather marvelous name? I was there enjoying a Moroccan meal and a quiz in support of the Moroccan street dogs and cats, NO face-painting this time. Over £700 was raised on the night which will be
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The week that was and skiving…..

Miles and miles of empty beach, heavenly! Daughter and her partner have now found a house and shall be moving out soon…..but first it needs to be decorated and as they have no time to take off work hubs and I have taken two weeks off to get the place sorted. For the first five days things went well and
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A gathering darkness

Yesterday I came across a young rat in a trap. It was dead and judging by the droppings it had been in that trap for many days. It’s feet were curled around the steel bars and it’s face was pressed hard against the cold bars of it’s tomb. I wondered how it must have felt, starving and terrified and tried
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The tale of the lonesome bird

  In a previous post I briefly mentioned a starling we have at the rescue, but as it’s such a character I thought I’d tell it’s tale in full, mainly because we’ve never quite had a bird like it. It arrived as a featherless chick and had a face only a mother could love. As it grew it became increasingly
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One man went to mow….

This week saw the garden battered by high winds and torrential rain, I know the tall plants get beaten to within an inch of their lives but you just can’t beat the drama of a good thunder storm, especially in the evening when you’re all comfy and cozy. It a good job that my huge old apple tree has thousands
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First impressions of foxes

A male fox, 18 months old, bitten by a dog. Working with the foxes was nothing like I expected it to be. First I imagined that they would be cordoned off somehow, and be irate and up for a scrap…..I was wrong on both counts. The foxes are kept in cages and a divider is inserted into the middle of
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Land of the Giants

Grandma giant I’m sure that most of you saw the giants that visited Liverpool recently on the news. This time around they were here to remember the Liverpool Pals, local men who were recruited from tight knit communities to fight in WW1. The sad thing was that virtually none of these men returned and the women who lived in the
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A new identity?

We have been having an out and out heatwave over the last week, and although it’s wonderful I’m simply not used to it. Brazilica came to town and for the life of me I don’t know how the girls danced in such heat….you’ve got to tip a cap to them! Right in my face she was!!!! There has been a
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The 1940′s housewife

Well, it’s all about the good life this week. Elaine expressed her horror surprise on my last post as I told her I had never made jam. That was past tense! Due to my glut of plums I have now made POTS of the stuff, and I must say I was shocked to see how much sugar goes into it, so I
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Small stones can cause avalanches

I must be the only person who enjoys an un-mown lawn…. For the last month I have been face-painting each Sunday at the bull breed events in parks across Liverpool A view of half the courtyard from upstairs, it runs right and left from this bit… As most of you know the aim is to neuter and micro-chip bull breed
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