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…the adventures of an amateur gardener and wildlife enthusiast
Pigeon chick- a face only a mother and I could love

Another mouth to feed

  And so it begins… As soon as I walked into the wildlife unit this week I knew Spring had arrived. From every corner of the room cheeps, chirps and chirrups could be heard, and you wouldn’t believe how deafening they can be, especially first thing in the morning when they all want to be fed at the same time.
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House hunting for hogs and painting the town red

What do you see? A pile of dried leaves? Good, that’s how I want the hog to look. Yesterday I released three huge prickly hedgehogs, they were four times the size that they were when they arrived at the rescue and totally rearing to go. Selecting their new homes is always a worry for me. These three were all males
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A famous hog, a zany dog and dangling in the air.

A media agency contacted the rescue recently looking for interesting animal stories and the manager thought that Herbie, my disabled hedgehog, may have the makings of a good story, so after a chat with the aforesaid agency, it was decided that a photographer would be sent out to capture some pictures. It was not my idea of fun I can
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A new charge

What a week it’s been, and how time seems to be flying by….. So… jolly. What a wonderful time I had. It was a little like Christmas. Never have I seen so much food and drink, or laughed so long and loudly, and I mean those proper belly laughs…..y’know the ones, where your whole body shakes and your eyes water!
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Wild thing

I see you there! This little mouse watched me while I mucked out the hogs today…..cheeky thing, between that and the robin perching on the table…. Well guys, I’m off on a jolly to York for four days for a friends’ birthday, sixteen of us are going so it should be something of a hoot. I won’t have internet access
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The return of the honey bee and a vocalist practicing it’s song.

Gosh, how the week has flown and to think it’s almost mid-march! I feel that I’m positively whizzing through the garden jobs now. The extended veggie patch has been dug over and the first of the seeds, carrots, have gone in. The potatoes will be next, and as a  girl can never have too many spuds I shall be planting
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Beginning to take shape

Now that it’s the beginning of March, it’s time to look forward to seeing my brand new back garden burst into life. Finally I can see that’s it’s beginning to take shape. Over the last week I have powered away, despite the rain, and now have most of the big jobs out of the way. So….let me show you what
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A betrayal

This post is really me thinking out loud at the moment…..and is not for the fainthearted. There is little in the way of good cheer about it, just me trying to work out a few things that insist on running around and around my head in an endless loop. A blog is very good place for that. So, it’s been
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A bad workman always blames his tools

My father was a very wise man, and one of his favourite sayings was, “A bad workman always blames his tools.” This saying was often fired at his four children who, at the time, hotly disputed it, but as we got older we began to agree with him. Today I have to disagree….VERY strongly. So come, let me show you
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I’ve been thinking…..

At the rescue, I have now officially become the hedgehog woman, and as such it has fallen to me to do the weekly hedgehog weigh in.  As you can see, many of our hogs are becoming rather plump and seem disinterested in their ever-expanding waistlines….there are several even fatter than this one. You wouldn’t believe how individual hedgehog temperaments can
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