Off on a jolly

The moment has arrived… I now have to trust Laura to look after the dogs, and keep them away from the cat. Barbara, from next door is on Curly cat duty, and Herbie the hog has been taken to the rescue. I have been patrolling the garden checking fence panels and have, to my utter shame, left Laura a list…

artwork and crocus 002

Paintings and progress

The new rose bower is FINALLY up! The guy who made it spent three afternoons trying to erect it. As it’s on a windy corner it needed to be concreted in and of course each time the chap came the wind howled unmercifully, but it’s now up…..and about to be painted. Then it’s just a case of digging a border…

chinese n y and new border plants dogs 050

The year of the goat

I was delighted when hubs Valentine’s Day present finally arrived. I chose these plants to compliment a wildflower border in the front garden that I’d grown from seed a couple of years ago. Once the wildflowers, Marshmallows, Muskmallows and Hollyhocks die back there is little of interest, so hopefully these additions will add a little winter colour and good cheer.…

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