Simple pleasures

 I was surprised to see honey bees, flies and ladybirds all over the fatsia flowers, it is nearly December is it not? It takes a while to adapt to these long dark nights, but in a way I’m rather grateful for them as I now spend a few hours each evening sorting cupboards and generally trying to get the house…


That which was lost….

So…..Comfrey, the three legged cat. Here’s a quick review since his arrival in our garden six months ago. At first he yowled from a distance and sneakily devoured Curly cats’ food, then after a month he befriended me and blatantly devoured Curly cats’ food, resulting in me feeding him separately. Then he moved into the herb garden outside the front…


News from Nowhere

This week I found myself in the oddest little place ever! The basement of a radical bookshop called, “News from Nowhere.” Now isn’t that a rather marvelous name? I was there enjoying a Moroccan meal and a quiz in support of the Moroccan street dogs and cats, NO face-painting this time. Over £700 was raised on the night which will be…

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