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…the adventures of an amateur gardener and wildlife enthusiast

Reasons to be cheerful

While I am trying to fix the timed- out comment problem….please copy your replies in case you are timed out.  A view from my greenhouse through CLOSED doors…..dogs have to run and all that! I have spent the week hiding in there! The weather this last week has matched my health! It has been wild, wet and dreary and I
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A rather lovely moment and a sweet little story

Over the last week there has been a steady influx of tiny hoglets. They are about the size of golfballs and are amazingly cute. This one is supposed to be tucked up under that towel but instead prefers to run around the top of it! You would be surprised at how much food these babies can put away! In between
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The NOT doing of things….

At the moment, it seems to be a bit of a battle trying to get anything done….at all! Everywhere I look, jobs need doing. The windows are taking on a stain-glassed/mottled-spiderweb appearance as it’s been so long since I cleaned them and the ironing is beginning to take over the house! Every time I go to do one job, I
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Of squabs, and hogs and roaring fires….

Gathering seed. There is no denying now, that summer has come and gone, and yet, even though autumn is obviously making it’s presence felt, I have to say that I can’t remember a more beautiful September. The days are warm and dry, and yet there is that wonderful autumn chill in the air, and an earthy, lingering scent that speaks
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That which was lost….

So…..Comfrey, the three legged cat. Here’s a quick review since his arrival in our garden six months ago. At first he yowled from a distance and sneakily devoured Curly cats’ food, then after a month he befriended me and blatantly devoured Curly cats’ food, resulting in me feeding him separately. Then he moved into the herb garden outside the front
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News from Nowhere

This week I found myself in the oddest little place ever! The basement of a radical bookshop called, “News from Nowhere.” Now isn’t that a rather marvelous name? I was there enjoying a Moroccan meal and a quiz in support of the Moroccan street dogs and cats, NO face-painting this time. Over £700 was raised on the night which will be
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The week that was and skiving…..

Miles and miles of empty beach, heavenly! Daughter and her partner have now found a house and shall be moving out soon…..but first it needs to be decorated and as they have no time to take off work hubs and I have taken two weeks off to get the place sorted. For the first five days things went well and
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A gathering darkness

Yesterday I came across a young rat in a trap. It was dead and judging by the droppings it had been in that trap for many days. It’s feet were curled around the steel bars and it’s face was pressed hard against the cold bars of it’s tomb. I wondered how it must have felt, starving and terrified and tried
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The tale of the lonesome bird

  In a previous post I briefly mentioned a starling we have at the rescue, but as it’s such a character I thought I’d tell it’s tale in full, mainly because we’ve never quite had a bird like it. It arrived as a featherless chick and had a face only a mother could love. As it grew it became increasingly
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One man went to mow….

This week saw the garden battered by high winds and torrential rain, I know the tall plants get beaten to within an inch of their lives but you just can’t beat the drama of a good thunder storm, especially in the evening when you’re all comfy and cozy. It a good job that my huge old apple tree has thousands
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