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Autumn and a few cats


As autumn is well and truly here I set about creating a few twig piles for the hedgehogs to hibernate under. I stack the branches and then completely cover them with dried leaves which provides a snugy hidey hole, not just for the hedgehogs but for all sorts of other creatures. Come spring I often find over-wintering butterflies and moths in these piles.


This is a good time to sit out around a blazing fire too….and I get to burn all the fallen branches and dead wood.


I was rather alarmed to find honey fungus growing under the cherry trees in the front garden…..I do hope it isn’t doing too much damage to the roots!


I have NO idea what these white mushrooms are….but they’re springing up everywhere.

On Sunday I was at the rescue’s Halloween special, and this time I was asked to read the tarot cards as well as doing the face painting.

Now I hate it when people pick bad cards so what I do is remove all the really horrible ones, which is a bit of a cheat, but hey, who wants a nasty reading on a fun day out? Strangely enough, several people said their readings were spot on although they made no sense to me.

This dog was in the staff room behind me while I was face painting. A special home is needed for this poor boy as he’s going blind. This pic reminds me of that song…..y’know the one….How much is that doggie in the window. I really hope he gets a home soon.

To my horror this time around while face painting, I realized that my one and only paintbrush had finally worn itself out! I couldn’t get a point on the darn thing all day so my face painting was mainly done with my fingers! Awful it was!!!!

I was asked if I could make a new game for the event, something that kids could throw a hoop over. So I came up with this…..

You wouldn’t believe how much trouble I had making it though. At one point I actually super glued my fingers together and had to creep next door to get my wonderful neighbour, Ken, to sort the thing out, which he did in minutes…..the game AND my glued fingers….

Now, I also I do home checks for the cattery, so was delighted to hear that quite a few cats were adopted during the event, and while doing a home check today I met the nicest seven year old boy ever. He’d bonded with an old cat while looking around on the fun day, so his family ended up with more than they’d bargained for. It was lovely to meet a child who thought about something other than himself. I have another home check tomorrow, for two kittens, so it’s all looking good.


Talking of home checks, do you remember the two cats my friend and I rescued at Easter, from the woman who was hospitalized with mental health problems? Well, initially they were horribly skittish and hardly came out of their beds but gradually they gained confidence and were finally re-homed together a few weeks ago which is rather wonderful as they are quite old!



This little girl was an absolute joy to face paint. Her mother couldn’t get over how still she sat as she is usually on the go all the time. Her mother said I had hypnotized her. Anyway, she didn’t move a muscle during the face painting and when I showed her what she looked like her face broke into the hugest ever smile. Then she wiped her face and smudged all the wet paint and burst into tears…..she’s only two…. I did manage to fix it a little….awwww…bless!


And finally….Dougie is beginning to prepare for Halloween.

44 Responses to “Autumn and a few cats”

  1. nikkipolani says:

    I had a good laugh at the thought of your removing the really terrible tarrot cards :-) Heart of gold, you’ve got. So pleased to hear that cats are finding homes. And that dear doggie in the window… good wishes for him, too.

    You are amazingly inventive with your games creation! Hopefully, it will last or at least be easily reconstructed for next year as well.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol….I can’t abide seeing people’s faces fall when horrid tarot cards are pulled, my way means everyone gets a reasonable reading.

      We did re-home lots of cats and even two chinchillas, and all my home checks have been given the thumbs up so a good result all round.

      Oh…yes that poor dog. He needs to be re-homed before he goes blind, being able to see his new environment would be a huge help to him. Thanks Nikki. xxxx

  2. I’m glad that your day was a success loved the idea of removing the bad tarot cards. To be honest I wouldn’t know which they were!

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Sue. You can’t help but recognize the bad cards, they need no explanation as their negative images speak paperbacks. xxxx

  3. Flighty says:

    A most enjoyable post, and lots of smiley face photos.
    Good to see you indulging in rather less hazardous things after the last post.
    Well done with the hedgehog hibernation home, and with the cats re-homing. xx

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Flighty, yes….this week has been SO much better than the garden episode!!!

      It’s such a simple thing to make a little habitat for wildlife, I think part of the hedgehog’s problem is over tidy gardens so by creating a few wild areas really helps with their hibernation. It’s always good to see cats going to good homes.xxxx

  4. Jason says:

    Your face painting jobs look very good to me, and I love the big red dog. Looks like lots of kids had a lot of fun!

    • Snow Bird says:

      Why thank you Jason….there is a young girl inside the red dog and she has a wonderful way about her, all the kids gravitate to her like bees around a honey pot.xxxx

  5. Linda says:

    Glad to hear the cats are finding some loving homes and hope that also happens for the old dog going blind. He looks so wistful – there must be a special home waiting for him somewhere.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Oh I really hope that poor dog gets re-homed soon, ads are being placed in the newspapers….but no-one has come forward yet. Sadly, there is nothing the vet can do to save his sight. He is such a sweet and gentle dog too…….Thanks Linda.xxxx

  6. Kitty says:

    I imagine your tarot-reading would have advised you to remove the icky cards, so it all turned out well! :)

    Love the face paints, Dina; they look grand, brush or not. Your ring toss solution was imaginative and looks like a lot of fun: lucky children!

    Very happy to hear that so many of the cats were adopted or are about-to-be, but sad about the dog losing his sight; I’d take him in a heartbeat, sweet love.

    And all at home: the nests and burrows and, of course, Dougie, certainly look welcoming and seasonal…a perfect post for Halloween! Thank you, as always, for your infectious joy and deep-but-lightly-held appreciation of life’s adventures.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol….yes….it was on the cards for sure that I remove the dodgy ones! And all my clients left smiling….

      I REALLY must get another face painting brush, fancy actually wearing it out!

      It’s great news for the cats but sad about the poor dog….how I wished you were here….sighs…I know he’d be so happy with you. I’d love to take him but I know my two are far too energetic for an older blind dog.

      Thanks for your lovely comment.xxxx

  7. Marian says:

    I laughed out loud at the Tarot card bit …… you are an incredible woman!!! ~x~

  8. Buhska says:

    Onee has to be so careful with ‘field fungus/mushrooms’….I’m sure you are a very wise naturalist….;) These look so inviting:roll:
    Delightful post, D! Hugs! :)xx

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Bushka, y’know I really ought to learn a little more about mushrooms, my knowledge is decidedly sketchy so I never pick any although I’m sure lots in the garden are edible.xxxx

  9. Scarlett says:

    LOL Dougie looks like spiderman! I’m sure this time of year is the only time he doesn’t need to dress up? Poor Flint the dog, I hope he gets rehomed before he loses his other eye :( xx

    • Snow Bird says:

      How right you are….spiderman indeed!!! Ah yes….I know you want me to take Flint, but our two would drive him mad!!!! Thanks Scarlett xxxx

  10. Wendy says:

    I loved reading about all the different things going on. The hedgehog winter residence looks perfect for hogs or other hibernating creatures. I wonder what will move in!
    You’ve captured the touching predicament of that poor dog in the window so well in your photo – I so hope he gets the loving home he deserves. Wonderful that the cats are finding homes, too.
    The face painting looks great to me and there are plenty of pleased smiles from children. That witches hat game was a terrific idea!
    Love Dougie looking scarey and your cat wandering by, completely unconcerned!

    • Snow Bird says:

      It’s always exciting seeing what takes up residence in the log piles, without a doubt the bumble bees will be in there in the spring and they seem to be popular with frogs too, strangely enough.

      Oh that poor dog, he’s breaking everyone’s heart at the rescue, but a lot of people are working hard to find him a home.

      Hahahaha, yes, Curly cat doesn’t seem perturbed by Dougie! Thanks Wendy.xxxx

  11. You did a lovely job with the face paintings!!! I guess the kids loved too… what would be Halloween without scarry faces? It seams to me that the animals around were quite and curious ;-) Our older cat almost got the tail burned ’cause he dared to go too close to the pumpkin Jack 0′lantern :-) and I have told him… but Hannibal never listens…
    Have a lovely All Saints :-)c

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Claudine, the kids had a ball, they do love dressing up and having their faces painted.

      Oh goodness…poor Hannibal…..lol, what a FAB name.xxxx

  12. menhir1 says:

    Your white mushrooms are not clear, but, I do have a pic I took of a Nightcap; a bit deadly. It’s very white over its cap. When in doubt with fungi, leave well alone.

    A good job overall, by the looks of your pix. The hoopla is/was a great idea.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Oh goodness…thanks for that Menhir, I think they are Nightcap. I don’t think I’d ever really trust myself to identify mushrooms, so many of them look so similar. xxxx

  13. Great post as always lovely images. Cats, painted faces on children and your coming winter. Spring is here, fine down south but wet and cold here in Wellington. Look after those bumble bees when they arrive – they are many more times useful than the common worker bee. Enjoy your autumn.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Peter. I do hope you have a lovely spring. We always seem to have hundreds of bumbles bees but very few honey bees. I think they like all the wildflowers.xxxx

  14. gardengirl says:

    Lovely photos and as always a wonderful story of what you have been doing. :-)

  15. elaine says:

    Snowbird you are a sweetie, I love that you removed the horrible tarot cards. You have the kindest heart and are a great face painting artist, I’m amazed at how many different ‘faces’ you paint. All animals deserve a good home and I’m so glad you are managing to re-home so many. What a great idea for the hoop-la too, even though it did come to a sticky end. Hope the hedgehogs appreciate your efforts and make use of the snuggly home you have made for them.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol…I just can’t stand seeing people look at the cards they have chosen with abject dread…so I take the cowards way out. At least everyone goes home happy….

      It’s so good to see cats going to good homes, the people I home checked were all sweethearts and I know the cats they are adopting will be spoilt rotten.
      I’m looking forward to seeing evidence of lot’s of over-wintering creatures in the log piles next spring. Thanks Elaine, and for your LOVELY private email. You are a gem.xxxx

  16. Mick Marsh says:

    I’d have the black cat like a flash. There’s a few bangs and flashes outside so Mandarijn is staying indoors for a while at night.

  17. ShimonZ says:

    Always good to spend some time with cats… and autumn is good too. I have been spending some time lately in an integrated social scene… with two cats and a dog. We are all getting along famously.

    • Snow Bird says:

      It is good to hang out with cats Shimon. Now I hope Bonnie is behaving and Georgia is not being mithered anymore. You must post about the dog, I’d love to see it.xxxx

  18. Claire says:

    what a busy day you had! Pleasurable and fun but busy! An dyes I did giggle at the thought of you super-glueing your fingers together, you are not the only one who’s achieved this :) The rescue centre sounds magical place, but it was the photo of the dog behind the window looking so wistful that tugged at my heart strings – sad to hear he is going blind.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Thanks Claire, SO glad to hear it’s not just me who always comes a cropper with super glue, the stuff is lethal…

      Yes, that poor dog gets to everyone. I really hope a home is found soon.xxxx

  19. Another fabulous post, and I love the face painting using your fingers…..it worked:)
    The fire looks so inviting and the lovely Tom you visited has a very special look about him…….
    I am sure your hedgehogs will thrive, and your ‘throw the hoop on a witches hat’ game is superb.

    Love it all…..have a wonderful autumn weekend.xxxxxx

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol….I much prefer a brush Janet, a fine line is hard to achieve on wriggling children using ones finger….still the kids are not too fussy!

      It’s always great to think the wild hogs have a safe warm place to bed into. Have a great weekend.xxxx

  20. Jo says:

    Removing the bad tarot cards, I would have expected no less from you, you’ve got a heart of gold. My heartstrings have been well and truly pulled by the doggy in the window, bless him, I hope he finds a very special home. No wonder your brush has worn out, I wonder how many faces it’s painted and how many children have gone away with a smile on their face. Lovely to hear that so many cats have found good homes, especially the two which were rescued at Easter, it’s always nice to hear of older animals getting another chance.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol, thanks Jo….I do feel a bit of a cheat but I’d prefer that to telling people awful things.
      That poor dog….I know…..sighs….I have my fingers crossed for him.
      I think that brush must have painted at least five thousand faces by now so has earned it’s retirement!

      It is wonderful when animals get a chance of happiness, especially after abuse, that really makes everything worthwhile. Thanks Jo.xxxx

  21. godschool says:

    Ha ha ha ha – I LOVE the idea of removing the nasty tarot cards .. and then people thought it was spot-on anyway … what does that tell us??? Well done on all that lovely face painting – I did my grandkids yesterday for the first time and it’s a lot more difficult than I thought!! and awwww … that poor little dawg in the window … hope he gets a good home soon.

    • Snow Bird says:

      Lol….yes….I think good news is always more acceptable for people to hear!

      It is harder than it looks Gilly, mainly because kids wriggle so much, especially the young ones. I hope that poor boy gets sorted soon too. Thanks Gilly.xxxx

  22. willow says:

    Oh I do so hope that little doggie in the window got a home.
    I was drawn to him right from the start of the post .

  23. Snow Bird says:

    Thanks Willow….I have my fingers crossed too.xxxx

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