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A silent band, a weekend away, big plans, fruitlets and getting back on the wagon

Recently, hubs and I went to see Bob Dylan at the Echo Arena. It really was an odd experience. There were no big screens, just simple, cosy, intimate lights and throughout the performance, not a single word was spoken by any of them, not one word, at all. They came on, played brilliantly and left! Different, certainly!

Last weekend, Daughter and I decided to play out in York. A wonderful place, shame it’s so expensive though.

Daughter pretending to be a fairy, or maybe a butterfly.

The world could certainly do with this bell being rung.

On the garden front, we finally have some much needed rain and the swifts have returned.

Fruitlets are swelling, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a good year for the cherries….

the plums…

and the pears, along with apples…

and strawberries.

Broad beans are flowering and the greenhouse seedlings are finally thriving, despite the mouse.

I sowed the courgettes for the second time and they are now romping away.

The mouse is still in there though, along with the frog!

This clematis is excelling itself, to think it was chewed to the ground just two years ago. Now it’s running the length of the fence and has even escaped into the old stump in the courtyard.

The montana engulfing the stump in the back garden is now the perfect home for the wrens, blue tits and blackbirds.

This blue columbine has self-seeded in the flags by the patio doors, it’s one of the prettiest flowering right now. I haven’t seen it in the garden before, so I shall certainly save some seed for next year.

I have also made a decision about the lawn/lack of lawn in the back garden. Currently, it’s a dustbath/dog race-track, and clearly, despite my best attempts, grass will never grow there.

As there will always be dogs here I’ve decided to flag the lawn area, while leaving lots of large islands for plants. I hate flagging as I think it contributes┬áto flooding and ruins wildlife habitats, but I really have no choice…..so, I’m digging out all the rockery and pond plants and am hoping that they all survive. Eventually they will all be re-planted when the pond is reconstructed. It’s going to be a huge job, and messy as the front drive will be replaced at the same time….Oh Lordy! It all begins in July and will take six weeks.

And Finally……

homework last week was caring for four cages of starling chicks. I was a little nervous after my experience with the last chicks, but bit the bullet and got on with it.

I even felt it may be tempting fate taking a picture, so only took this one. Happily, all my charges survived. I even managed to get one feeding itself. Result!!!

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